Below are comments from other professionals about my work:

“Allan Grill is a highly valued resource for Family Caregiver Alliance.  We help caregivers find appropriate support in dealing with the emotional issues and practical difficulties they face when providing care to loved ones with a brain impairment, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke, Huntington’s Disease, or traumatic brain injury.

For more than 10 years, Allan Grill has been one of our primary resources to refer caregivers for this kind of emotional and practical support.  Clients we have referred to Allan have told us that he provides the highest level of professional support, practical solutions, and additional resources to help caregivers cope with the challenges they face daily.

Many of our caregiver clients have reported back how happy they are with Allan.

I am confident in referring our clients to Allan.  I give him the highest recommendation.”

Jo McCord, MA
Family Consultant
Family Caregiver Alliance
San Francisco


I found Allan to be caring, conscientious, articulate and extremely capable.  I found myself frequently soliciting his advice on a variety of matters, including psycho-social issues involving my extended family’s battle with Huntington’s Disease.  In addition to counseling patients and families, Allan involved himself in advocacy and organization matters on his own initiative.

All of us on the Chapter Board, as well as the many health care providers with whom he worked were highly pleased with Allan’s efforts and we received positive feedback from Huntington’s families who had contacted him for assistance and advice.

Huntington’s is an inherited degenerative brain disease involving physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms which place severe demands on both patients and families.  Their problems are complex and multi-faceted and lend themselves to skilled counseling.  Allan fulfilled these needs admirably.

It is my pleasure to recommend Allan Grill as a counselor and I would say unequivocally that, if I needed counseling myself, I would avail myself of Allan’s services. “

Les Pue
Director and Former President
Huntington’s Disease Society of America
Northern California Chapter


“I have referred families dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease or a related disorder to Allan Grill over the course of many years, and have consistently received very positive feedback.  There are few therapists I feel comfortable referring anyone who is on the course of this journey, from the person diagnosed who is just negotiating their challenges, to the long-time caregiver looking for support and strategies for self-care.  I have complete confidence that families I refer to Allan will receive support and guidance in a way that positively impacts their journey in a meaningful way.”

– Judy Filippoff, MSW