As the baby boomer generation ages, many of our clients and their family members need increased practical nuts-and-bolts assessment and planning for disability and elder care.

Addressing the psychological and logistical complexities related to aging and/or disability can be challenging for clients, family members and caregivers.

Elder/Disabled Care Needs Assessment and Planning Consultations provide psycho-education, assessment of care needs, short- and long-term care planning, as well as practical problem-solving.

With the often-complicated mix of emotions in providing care and support for a parent, spouse, or other loved one, family members and caregivers may benefit substantially from these consultations.

Many areas covered in Elder/Disabled Care Needs Assessment and Planning Consultations often fall outside the bounds of the usual psychotherapeutic environment.  These include:

1. Practical matters of care:
Guidance in finding suitable legal, financial, and medical resources and other supportive services; How to advocate for appropriate medical and home care; Providing practical solutions to maintain independence for the disabled and elderly while assuring their safety and quality of life.

2. Understanding cognitive impairment:
Helping clients, family members and caregivers understand the psychological and behavioral manifestations, implications and symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke, and other vascular, neurological or cognitive disorders.

3. Applying appropriate management strategies:
Teaching caregivers behavior management and communication strategies and effective interventions for family members with neurological or cognitive disorders.  Many caregivers do not realize that these disorders have organic rather than psychological origins.

Since 1984, I have accumulated extensive experience in counseling and consultation for older adults and persons with disabilities, caregivers, their families, and support networks, including work with the Family Caregiver Alliance, the San Francisco Institute on Aging, and the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

I provide Elder/Disabled Care Needs Assessment and Planning Consultations for clients in my care or those in the care of other psychotherapists.  I also provide consultation to psychotherapists who are working with this population.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.  Telemedicine via HIPAA-complaint videoconferencing or via telephone makes it possible to better meet the needs of clients who may have a difficult time coming to a physical office location or who simply have no professionals in their area with the particular expertise I offer.