Sessions are 50 minutes long.

In the first session we will discuss what has encouraged you to come in for counseling.  I provide you a safe and secure environment to talk freely about whatever issues you may have.

We may discuss the context of your situation and events leading up to your desire to seek counseling, as well as some family history.

I may ask you questions or offer suggestions to facilitate the discussion and to better focus in on the problem or issues you are facing.

Depending on your needs or circumstances, we may discuss in the first session what the goals of treatment are, including expectations, frequency of sessions and duration of treatment.

There will be a small amount of paperwork to complete prior to the session.  I will discuss any forms with you and will address any questions or concerns you might have.  I will forward to you instructions for you to set up free videoconferencing software on your computer or tablet and provide you with live assistance if needed.

My clients come from all walks of life. I work with people of all ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, traditional and non-traditional family structures and life circumstances.

Telemedicine/therapy/consultation via HIPAA-complaint videoconferencing or via telephone makes it possible to better meet the needs of clients who may have a difficult time coming to a physical office location or who simply have no professionals in their area with the particular expertise I offer.