Over 30 Years Experience

Allan Grill CRC, MFT Disabling ConditionsI hold a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and am a Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, as well as a California licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and a New Mexico licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

I have extensive training and background in chronic medical and aging-related conditions.  I have over 30 years of experience working with adults coping with both emotional and logistical concerns related to chronic medical conditions and aging, and a variety of life issues, including relationship and communication problems, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

I specialize in working with clients who have disabling conditions or have neurological or neurodegenerative disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, or an aging-related or other disabling condition such as early stage or early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia as well other dementing conditions.  My clients also include caregivers for people with any of these medical or aging-related conditions.

My practice also serves LGBTQ persons who are caregivers or who themselves live with a disabling condition.  As a gay therapist, I offer support, insight and practical guidance and am sensitive to the struggles faced by many LGBTQ people with physical disabilities and/or cognitive impairment.

I also provide training, supervision, and education for professional and community organizations.

I had an office in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 20 years where I saw clients.  I have since closed the office and now exclusively conduct telemedicine/therapy/consultation sessions with my clients.  My clients find telemedicine/therapy/consultation to be an effective approach and suitable for their needs.

Because I hold a nationally recognized certification as a Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), I am able to work with clients throughout the USA to offer my services and expertise.

Telemedicine/therapy/consultation offers an important advantage to clients, particularly those with disabilities who might have a difficult time coming to a physical office location.  Telemedicine/therapy/consultation is also of value to clients who simply have no professionals in their area with the particular expertise I offer and to LGBTQ clients who appreciate the added value of working with a gay therapist.  In addition, telemedicine/therapy/consultation is of benefit to people with busy schedules and limited time to travel to and from sessions at a physical office location.

I provide my services in the form of telemedicine/therapy/consultation sessions conducted via videoconferencing on a Windows or Macintosh computer or on an iPad.  Or alternatively, telemedicine/therapy/consultation sessions can be conducted over the telephone.  Learn more about telemedicine/therapy/consultation.