behavior management

Legal Planning for Incapacity

Let’s face it, legal planning for incapacity is not a particularly fun or glamorous topic to discuss or even think about.  But, it is an extremely important subject to address if you have a progressive disorder, such as HD. I strongly believe that everyone, disabled and nondisabled alike, should consider legal planning for incapacity if any of these following questions hit home for you: 1)  If I should be unable to articulate my needs or otherwise make my needs known…

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Cognitive Disorders: Combating Apathy & Inertia

A daily routine can be a beneficial therapeutic tool in combating apathy and inertia, common to cognitive disorders such as Huntington’s Disease and other psychiatric and cognitive symptoms. In spite of some of our conditioning to resist and resent routines imposed upon us and to value unstructured time, a written daily schedule of activities can be a most useful external device to encourage initiation when the ability to initiate from inside oneself is impaired. Because of the changes in brain…

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